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How do I book an initial consultation with Rob?

Call 403-390-9905 to set up an appointment. Rob practices at the law firm, Warnock Rathgeber & Company, located in Airdrie, Alberta at 225-1st Avenue NW. Appointments are usually scheduled between the hours of 9am – 5pm. 

During the initial consultation what will be discussed?

Legal issues can be very intimidating. Rob’s first objective is to help you understand what your legal rights are with respect to your matter, what information is needed to prepare the needed transactional documents or to determine the strength of your case, the potential risks and rewards involved in pursuing the transaction or case, and whether your matter is something that you should retain a lawyer to provide assistance with; and if it is, how much it may cost to complete.

After you have this information or understand the cost of having it provided to you, you will be better equipped to decide how to best proceed, and whether to retain Rob as your lawyer.    

What are Rob’s areas of practice?

As a member of Airdrie’s most established and experienced law firm, Warnock Rathgeber & Company, Rob is able to offer legal services in a variety of practice areas including business transactions, civil litigation, family, real estate, as well as wills and estates. 

For a more complete list of practice areas, please click here.  

How much does Rob charge?

It depends on the type of file. For common business and real estate transactions, wills, and family matters such as uncontested divorces, Rob charges a standard flat fee so you can know exactly how much your matter should cost to complete. For more complicated matters such as civil litigation, contentious family matters, or complex business transactions involving negotiation, Rob charges a competitive hourly rate.

At your first appointment with Rob, he will give you a clear assessment of what you should expect your legal matter to cost should you choose to retain him as your lawyer.     

Does Rob require a retainer? If so, how much?

Yes, in the vast majority of cases, a retainer is required. A retainer is a lump-sum of money that is deposited into a lawyer’s trust account to ensure the prompt payment of legal fees. The retainer fee is kept in the lawyer’s trust account, and is only paid to the lawyer after the client has been billed for the actual legal services provided. Whatever is left over is returned to the client.

When you meet with Rob for your initial appointment and if you agree to retain him as your lawyer on a matter, you will be asked to provide the appropriate retainer amount and sign a retainer agreement.

For flat fee services, we generally require the entire amount in the form of a retainer. For litigation and other more complicated matters, we generally require a $1000-$2000 retainer depending on the complexity of the file, and will promptly let you know when or if more retainer funds need to be deposited as your matter proceeds.